Thursday, December 17, 2009

Digging up the Dino Guy

While I'm definitely an avid fan of science and all the spectacularness it brings, I'm also pretty keen on education. Especially, that's right, science education. 

When I got the opportunity to make a radio documentary, I wanted to do something science-y. I also wanted to shirk the negativity thats extremely common in the media, and create something happy. 

Poking around on the internets for armchair scientists, I came across the Open Dinosaur Project. And lo-and-behold there is an interview with one of the project's volunteers, a London man named Bruce Woollatt. 

The Open Dino project is all about crowd sourcing dinosaur bone measurements, to give keeners without PhD's the chance to help advance the science. Above been a huge dino-fan, Bruce makes dinosaur models. Many of these have worked their way into the London Children's Museum.

Bruce also teaches art classes for kids at the Library, and I was delighted when he invited me into his home to see his latest creation, a 1/10 scale Tyrannosaurus Rex. You can follow along with Bruce's work here

But as for MY work, I got a good insight into probably one of the best ways to develop the wonder that's so important in children. Thanks Bruce, and keep up the good work.

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