Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's that time already!

So soon! So sad! It appears it's already time for this blogger page to hang up it's hat. I'll be moving over to a new location, with a not-so-random URL, and little more opportunity for customization.

I appreciate all 120 of you who somehow managed to find your way here. All the helpful comments, and the hit tracker slowly moving along, is a really encouraging force for someone just starting out. As of.... now, you can find me over at All the old posts have moved, and there's even a NEW one there right now!

Three links to the same site in one post is probably enough.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Interview with Carl Zimmer

Earlier today award-winning science journalist Carl Zimmer was kind enough to take some time out to talk to me. We hit on a number of different ideas including: the role of the science journalist, how to make science people-friendly, and his take on the issues facing the craft.

You can listen to the audio recording of the interview, or the full transcript is posted after the jump.