Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mr. Endeavour goes to the ISS

I've been following the whole shuttle/constellation/ISS affair quasi-closely. So it was a pretty cool surprise to walk into today's story meeting and be told;

"You're doing a story on the space shuttle."
And, with my timeliness news-hat on, my first question was, "What about it?"
"Well it docked with the ISS this morning."
"So what?" I said.
"I don't know, but give me a minute and a half on it."
"Sure thing Mr. Editor man."

I took this as an opportunity to tell the masses (all 10 people in my class, and whoever stumbles upon this post) about the fate of the shuttle, and how we're essentially screwed to get people to the ISS in the near future. But now I'm just giving too much away, so.... here.

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